Why custom fit

The problem with off-the-shelf wetsuits

Are you sick of feeling so cold in the water that you don’t enjoy it anymore?

Do you find some parts of your wetsuit fit great but then other parts are don’t, restricting blood flow and movement, or letting too much water in and making you even colder?


These are common experiences for most of us using off-the-shelf wetsuits, unless you perfectly fit the suit’s sizing chart.

What that means for you in the water is:

  • Feeling cold – due to too much water between your wetsuit and your skin, and even worse if there is flush (water going through the suit)
  • Restricted movement – limited mobility, chaffing, and compression making the cold even worse
  • Stress and exhaustion – does it take you forever to get into your wetsuit and you’re wrecked before you even get into the water? This is sadly too common!


Why Elios custom fit wetsuits

With Elios custom-fit wetsuits, you can perform at your best and enjoy every moment :

  • Never feel cold again – with the perfect fit and right neoprene, you can dive comfortably in a wetsuit under any weather condition
  • Move freely and breathe easy – no restrictions anywhere as your suit fits you, not the other way around
  • Enjoy the water – With the perfect fit and comfort, you’ll forget sometimes you’re even in a wetsuit!