How long before I receive my wetsuit?

Each and every wetsuit is carefully handmade with close attention to detail. As such, it takes time to create the perfect wetsuit for you. You can expect to receive your wetsuit in about 6 to 8 weeks. Check with us for more exact estimated shipping times when placing your order.


How much are shipping costs?

We ship to anywhere in the world.

Shipping is included in our prices worldwide, and we will ship directly to you from our workshops in Italy.

We will send and track your shipment using logistics providers who we believe have a strong track record for being fast, reliable and provide good service for your destination. All shipments are tracked and we will provide you with a tracking number.

This is usually via your national carrier (e.g., Australia Post) or DHL, so you can rest assured your wetsuit will be travelling in safe hands.

*Important: For shipments outside of Australia, you are responsible for checking the import/export laws and duties requirements for the shipment of your wetsuit to your requested destination. Our shipping costs only cover the original courier costs, and do not cover any import duties or taxes charged at the destination – you will be responsible for those as the consignee. We are also not able to provide advice on international duties. We do not cover any other costs such as redirection or returns. Once the shipment is with the logistics provider, you will need to liaise directly with the logistics provider to make sure the shipment gets to you, including any duties payable or other issues with the shipment (e.g. delays).


How do I take my measurements?

Once you’ve placed your order online, we will contact you within 24 hours.

If you’re based in Sydney or Adelaide, we can organise for your measurements to be taken (by appointment only).

If this is not possible, you can also do the measurement at home with your friend/partner. We will provide all instructions and guidance to make sure you’re getting it right. We also check it multiple times to make sure it is as correct as possible.

For standard sizes, we can also help you pick the right size for you, and also determine whether any additional alterations are needed.


What happens if it doesn’t fit?

We will be able to alter your wetsuit, if it is larger than expected.

If it is too small, we will not be able to alter it – however, the elasticity of the wetsuit usually means this is not a problem as long as you have done your measurements reasonably well. If it is really too small, you will either have to re-measure and re-buy a new wetsuit, or you could reach out to our preferred repairers Oi Wetsuits to see if they can make adjustments for you.

You will need to pay for shipping of the wetsuit back to our workshops in Italy. We will ship it back to you at no extra cost. The alteration work itself is at no extra cost.


Can I change my mind or cancel my order?

As long as the wetsuit production has not begun, we will refund or amend your order. Once it is in production, it is non-refundable.


I need some repairs done on my Elios wetsuit – do you have a preferred repairer in Australia?

A top quality wetsuit will last you for years to come. You can extend the life of your wetsuit even further by repairing them – especially for those frustrating wetsuit tears!

Our preferred repairers are Oi Wetsuit Repairs in Adelaide. Ken Brain is a very experienced repairer and most importantly, shares our passion for exceptional quality and attention to detail for wetsuits. He can also do alterations and some amazing modifications to your wetsuits! Call Ken on 0458 071 493 to discuss your repair needs.


What’s the best way of getting into my wetsuit?

Open cell wetsuits can be tricky to get into!

Firstly, wet the inside of your wetsuit thoroughly. Then, we recommend using a 1:10 solution of hair conditioner and water. Mix it up in a bottle and spread it on the inside of your wetsuit. Some people use a spray bottle to help disperse it better. You can also help spread it further by rubbing the insides of the wetsuit together. And then it is just practice!

You can also substitute hair conditioner with shower gel or shampoo, but we find hair conditioner the least irritating over the long term on your skin.

Warning – don’t use coconut scented products. It will mix in with your urine (most of us wee into our wetsuit) and smell horrific!


How do I care for my wetsuit?

After each dive, whether in the pool or ocean, wash your wetsuit thoroughly in a tub of water and wetsuit shampoo. Knead it in the water to make sure it washes thoroughly.

Hang dry in shade over a thick rod/rail. Once one side is dry, flip it inside out to dry the other side.

Avoid drying your wetsuit in the sun as that will degrade your neoprene.

Store in a cool, dry place on a thick coat hanger.

Fix any tears and nicks early before it gets worse. Our preferred repairer is Oi Wetsuit Repairs in Adelaide.